How to Adventure


Adventuring is choosing to partake in an activity or experience that can be unfamiliar or dangerous, yet thrilling. So why TF would you choose this? Black folks have enough to worry about in our daily lives, why would we CHOOSE danger? Adventure, although risky, is often still paved. You are not the only person in the world or history to do this thing. When you do your research and show up informed as to how to do this activity, that’s how to safely adventure. The takeaway of experiencing something new, fun, and exhilarating makes sense but often not until afterward.


Anytime you try something new, you are rewiring your brain for more self-esteem and confidence. You begin to contemplate what else have you been missing. This contemplation flows into every aspect of life and shows up as confidence in trying new things. Imagine how life would respond if you were more open-minded.

Also, most adventure requires you to move your body in ways you probably have never or at least don’t on a regular basis. This reminds you to appreciate your body, your lungs, your mobility because you were able to show up and adventure. In our regular lives, we usually aren’t pushing ourselves in challenging ways.


Adventure can be all around you and it can be just about any level of activity you feel comfortable beginning with. It can be as simple as going for a scenic drive, visiting a state park, or as complex as going rock climbing or rafting. You are always the one to choose your adventure. Start small, I promise you won’t stay there.


Literally whenever. You can adventure on your way home from work by taking a scenic route or instead of sitting in traffic with everyone else, is there a hike you can go do instead? Any time of year, you can find adventure. The idea of this can drastically change depending on the region you are in but again, with the right information, preparation makes it worth the exploration.

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