Red Hill Hot Springs


Red Hill Hot Springs is such a fantastic, non-commercial hot spring that sits randomly on the edge of a very little town named Monroe. There are 3 small pools that cascade into each other. The water flows from above the springs on top of a mineral-rich hill that you can climb up and see the initial pool. As it is the first collection of the hot springs, it is SCOLDING hot. The source is fenced off so you cannot tamper with it. The top of the 3 pools is probably close to 100 degrees and the pools get slightly warmer from there.

As Red Hill is beautiful, clean, and free (as all primitive springs are) it can get packed. My trick to getting in as much alone time as possible is to be there at sunrise. This may seem like the most and although sharing a beautiful hot spring with strangers can sometimes be fun, I would rather not if I can help it. I camped in the area but you can calculate the travel time from where you are staying to make sure you get there early. I had the place to myself until I left. I then had the rest of the day to do what I wanted and what a relaxing way to start it.

Also, just so happens to be essentially right next door to the super popular commercial hot spring, Mystic Hot Springs. Please read that entry if you plan to be in the area.

Need to know

  • This is a non-commercial hot spring so do not expect any bathroom/ facilities as there are none. Go before you get there. Any trash you bring, take it with you.

  • People travel from all over to visit and it can stay busy.


  • Although this was absolutely worth going to and you absolutely should go, Monroe definitely had a vibe of racism. Let your people know where you’re at and share your location until you’re back in a familiar area.

  • From what I remember, the cell reception was pretty decent for T-Mobile.


Monroe, UT is about 2.5 to 3.5 hours south of Salt Lake City depending on the route you take. Again, use the restroom before you get to the area. It’s a super small town that has a vibe of racism. I used the restroom at the Walmart in Richfield. Still very Trump-esque but its Walmart *shrugs*.

Once you get to Monroe if you are heading South, turn left onto E 300 N. Take that until it turns into a dirt road. After about a mile, this will lead you directly to the parking lot of Red Hill. If you try to use Google Maps, it will try to take you through Mystic Hot Springs which may be closed but is also a terrible road. If you have any issues here, email me. The parking lot is literally right next to the pools. There is no hiking to the hot springs like many other non-commercial springs.


I completely understand any possible hesitation after my warning, but I am telling you that you do not want to miss this spot. It is phenomenal. I went 2 days in a row and didn’t have any problems. The people I did come across were super chill and friendly. Now onto why. To see nature form itself in this relaxing, natural way is so beautifully wild to witness and literally submerge yourself into. I also completely felt it was 100 times better than Mystic.


I highly recommend getting there at or right about sunrise and during the week if possible. I cannot imagine a bad time to visit. In the winter, if it were to snow, the dirt road may get lost but again, this is heavily trafficked so unless it’s fresh powder, you should still be fine. I was told that the local kids/ teenagers go there to party at night so night time might not be any luckier for privacy.

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