Valley View Hot Springs

Updated: Apr 2


Valley View Hot Springs is one of the best hot springs that cradle between commercial and non-commercial/ natural featuring both on their property. They are on a private land trust dedicated to keeping it and the land preserved. The lower pools closest to the entrance are commercial but built to feel naturally forming. The multiple pools include: a swimming pool that is 8 ft deep that’s filled with hot spring water, 2 commercially built hot springs pools with the vibe of a hot tub, and 4 natural hot springs that are further from the commercial pools. One of them features a little waterfall you can sit under to enjoy and another overlooks San Luis Valley which is great for sunset.

This is one of my favorite spots in Colorado.

Need to know:

Valley View hot springs is considered family-friendly, clothing optional.

As this is a land trust dedicated to preserving the area, you must become a member to enjoy the area. The donation amount is up to you.

Due to COVID, you need a reservation and they do not allow day rates. During the summer, they are $34 and in the winter they are $30. You do not have to stay the night, this is how they are regulating visitors during COVID.


Valley View is between 3:15 - 4 hours Southwest of Denver depending on traffic and the route you take. The straightest shot is HWY 285 heading to the Sand Dunes (they're about an hour away) or the longer route mostly on I-25 but then shoots over onto HWY 115 and HWY 50 passing through Canon City. The last few miles leading into Valley View are dirt. Not off-road style dirt but can get washboard-esque

Here is the Google Maps link


This is a year round destination but Spring and Fall are often most ideal. Hot springs in the Summer are still nice but it can get uncomfortable leaving you looking for a cool reprieve and Winter can be ideal if the roads are clear of snow.


As mentioned before, this is one of my favorite hot springs. There is a perfect mixture of naturally forming and hardly noticeable commercial. Naturally forming hot springs, where you’re submerged in naturally warm water with moss floating and sand in your toes, don’t feel dirty like germs but more like nature dirt. Like how you feel after a day at the beach. However, commercial usually feel like you’re sharing a bathtub with strangers, which is why I usually stay away from them. The commercial pools here still feel natural. Strawberry hot springs is another favorite for the same reasons.

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